Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Dreams.....

Dreams are enormous word for me because it means the future. I just keep thinking about my dreams every day.My dreams and ambitions often changes and improves from time to time because I have desire to accomplish distinctive things satisfaction for myself and my country in the future. First dream, I want to make my own business, which works on clothing design. Also, I want to be a universal company. In addition, I want to speak English very fluently and correctly because the English language is the second used language in the world, which help me with job-hunting wherever I like. Another dream I would like to complete my graduate degree in a major I really like to be creative and loyal in my job. In addition, I like traveling and learning other different cultures like Japan, Korea, and China. I have traveled to many countries in Europe and I still like it but since I had a lot of classmates form Japan, Korea, and China I would like to visit their countries and try their original traditional food. Moreover, East Asia has a unique civilization, which is very attractive for every one who wants to see it. On the other hand, I have a tiny dream that is to succeed in my social life as perfect wife and mother to have a happy family forever from who I have received my strength, which is my family is the important part for me.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween = -o

Halloween is a funny holiday for adults and children. I like this holiday because we can wear scary or funny costumes. Last year, I and my husband had the first Halloween day in the US, we craved a big pumpkin and we made a terrifying face and we put it in our patio to share celebration with our neighbors. We enjoyed our time because it was a new experience for us. Also, I enjoyed Halloween day this year because it was the first time for my child to celebrate with other children, he wore a mouse costume, ate some cookies and read some stories that was wonderful time full of unique memories. One of my friends called me in Halloween day and she tolled me there is something important I want to tell you, I will come to your home now. after awhile she knocked the door and she was wearing a mask that was very scary because I didnt eexpect that. In the KSA, we don't have such a day in this time, but during the holy month of Ramadan children traditionally celebrate by wearing traditional clothes and knock the doors in the neighborhood asking for candies. We call that "Gergaiaan" and it is similar to "Trice or Treat" in Halloween and that is why children desire this month to get as much as possible of candies. Also, people try to provide old tradition candies to make the children recognize our old candies from the past. In addition, in my country we dont have any day exprese the scary holiday about death peopel.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Marriage in Saudi Arabia....

The wedding life is loving and sharing the life between two people to build a happy family. I think, the successful life should have harmony and agreement between all parties to continue their life together. In addition, in each country or culture, there are common ways to get married that people inherited along time ago from their ancestors. However, it has changed across the time. In some countries, a girl may have a boy friend before getting married and they may continue in this relationship or may not. On the other hand, most of Saudi citizen get married by the traditional way that has changed slightly from the past. There are some steps before getting married. First, the families will get to know each other to ask about wedding. If the families have agreement, the guy and the girl can see each other. In case, the couple liked each other, they will get engaged. In this period before the wedding party, they can talk and see each other so that they could understand each other. In the event that they didn't get acceptance from one party, they will break up this relationship and each one will continue seeking about appropriate husband or wife. In contrast, if they liked each other and felt comfortable, they will get married. Also, they will start organize their plans in the future together. Some time, one girl accepts the first man who propose her while, another girl might not accept many men who propose to her until she meet the suitable person who will become her husband for the rest of her life. Also, I want to mention that, culture in Saudi Arabia is totally different than other cultures, however, we have some people who get married by dating but this is unusual way and illegal in Islamic religion. In addition those people represent small percentage of Saudi citizen.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nice Weekend

The last break was boring but this weekend is very interesting. In this weekend one of my friends came from Lawrance Kansas to Carbondale. she is one of my best friends. her name is Ghada and she has little boy. we spend all this weekend together. In Thursday morning, we went to Dennesy resturant. we had such dliciouce breakfast. we ordered Egg Omelet and French Toast with coffee. Also, at the nighit; I invited all my friends in my home. we have talked about studying and travelig. we stayed awake until midnight together. In Saturday morning, we had aspical Arabic breakfast at one of my friends home's. she preperd Falafel, Foul and Hummes. this was the last meal we had together because Ghada had traveled to her city. this was a uniqe meal we had fun time as a one family.

Monday, October 6, 2008

summary of "France to Crackdown on pro-anorexia websites"

In "REUTERS" websites, in "France to Crack Down on pro-anorexia" the author said, there are huge fines and 3 years in jail for people who push girls to participate in anorexia. First, in parliament; the Health Minister said, this isn't freedom to know easier food to vomit to hurt themselves. Also, he said, we should fallow those people who increase this kind of websites. Second, there are some rules that will become law in France, like if someone died by "anorexia" there is a big fine and whoever has this website will go to jail for 3 years. Finally, these eating habits have spread between girls because the media and most of the girls want to control their weight to become slender like fashion models. In conclusion, the French government is working to control "anorexia" in France.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Summary of Dreams: making Them Work for Us....

In the article "Dreams: making them work for us, " the author states that there are many people who have nightmares and they couldn't remember their dreams and there are many researchers who pointed out one important theory that teaches people how to change their nightmares. First, Kramer believes the dreams affect our life; it depends on the kinds of the dreams. Also, he tells us to understand our dreams to turn the bad dreams into good dreams. Second, Dr Cartwright has four easy steps for how people change their bad dreams to good dreams. Finally, the author took an example for her study; he is a person has nightmares on many nights and he learns how to change his bad dreams to good dreams. the authors want to say, the dreams can change from bad feelings to good feelings by some strategies.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lucid Dreaming

In "Lucid Dreaming" by Pamela Hartmann, she writes about lucid dreaming the processes of lucid dreaming. First, lucid Dreaming is aspical dream; the person who has it sleeps but is aware of every thing and watches it. Also, he controls his dream or changes it and he can do what he wants. Second, lucid dreaming has an old history from many years ago. It was discovered in 1902 and it was called"dream of knowledge". Finally, we can improve the lucid dream process, it can be improvied by the MILD technares and this means when you wakeup from adreams go back to sleep and imagine yourself in the same dream, and see yourself bcame lucid.